Teeth do not always grow on their own in such a way that a healthy and beautiful set of teeth develops. Misaligned teeth and jaws can also lead to further health complications.

Whether young or old, we examine and advise our patients individually, respond to their needs and wishes and treat them according to the rules of the SSO using proven and goal-oriented methods.

A thorough examination is required before we can move your teeth or those of your children into their correct position if they are misaligned. Regardless of age, our specialist orthodontist will carry out the following specialist dental diagnoses:

  • we carry out an initial inspection and provide an assessment
  • we create a model and analyze it
  • we x-ray the teeth, jaw and skull
  • we diagnose the X-ray images
  • and we determine the right time for treatment and carry out a growth analysis.

The results of the examinations serve as the basis for the treatment plan, which we will explain to you and discuss in detail with you and your child.

We treat children, adolescents and adults. At the Euler practice, we offer the following treatment methods to correct misalignments.

  • Removable clasps
  • Fixed appliances (braces)
  • Invisible and transparent braces
  • Orthodontic treatment in combination with oral surgery
  • Pre-prosthetic orthodontics
  • Palatal implants (miniscrews, Bollard anchors)

Modern treatment methods are gentle and effective. The basis for successful treatment is a detailed diagnosis and planning. Comprehensive advice on the course of treatment, its costs and expected duration is a matter of course at the Euler practice.

Our specialist dentist responsible for this area is Ms. Dr. med. dent. Ulrike Mack.