Pediatric and adolescent dentistry

Are you looking for a child-friendly dental practice? We at the Euler Practice have specialized in exactly that. Our dentists have many years of experience in dealing with young and adolescent patients. We accompany your children sensitively and in an age-appropriate manner from the very first appointment.

In our dental practice, the focus is on the well-being of children and parents alike. We understand that a pleasant visit to the dentist forms the basis for long-term dental health.

Our staff are trained to communicate with toddlers, schoolchildren and teenagers in an age- and developmentally appropriate way. Patience, empathy and appreciation are the basis for this.

Our practice in Basel offers modern equipment and treatment methods that are at the cutting edge of dentistry. We pride ourselves on creating a child-friendly environment in which young patients feel comfortable and enjoy coming to us.

To keep waiting times short, we have a great children's house in the waiting room, with books, fidget toys and drawing utensils.

Our dentists add great importance to understanding the needs of our patients and providing them with empathetic care. Our aim is to provide a positive experience of visiting the dentist and to increase confidence in dental treatment.

Our treatment methods are tailored to children's teeth and are painless and quiet. Whenever possible, we try to choose tasteless and odorless materials.

Ideally, the first dental check-up should take place at the age of 2 to 3 years. We gently introduce your child to the unfamiliar surroundings. We show your child the dental chair, the various instruments and the treatment room. In the meantime, we playfully explain what we do here. Our main aim is to combine a visit to the dentist with a positive experience at our practice.

Make us aware of any special features of your child. A note when making the appointment or at the appointment itself can help us to better adapt to your child. Your child is also welcome to bring a cuddly toy or similar to the appointment

If we do discover a cavity, we will communicate this in an age-appropriate manner, working with special treatment methods according to the latest scientific standards and with gentle techniques and materials tailored to the milk teeth, e.g:

  • Tooth cleaning and fluoridation
  • Sealants
  • Diagnosis and treatment of "chalk teeth" (MIH and MMIH)
  • Low-pain anesthesia
  • Moisture-tolerant material
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Milk tooth root treatments
  • Milk Tooth crowns
  • Space maintainers

Our team consists of experienced and empathetic dentists and assistants who specialize in offering child-friendly treatment. We work with behavioral guidance, hypnosis, media and nitrous oxide and, if necessary, also arrange treatment under anesthesia at the UKBB.

Our responsible dentist for this area is Mrs. Dr. med. dent. Asin A. Haschemi.