The best treatment is still prevention. This is why dental prophylaxis is very important to us.

Prevention and prophylaxis play a particularly important role in pediatric dentistry. They prevent damage and enable adolescents to take responsibility for their own dental health. But even during orthodontic treatment with fixed or removable braces, it is essential to understand and implement good oral hygiene to prevent damage and ensure the success of treatment.

With our prevention program, we aim to prevent tooth decay from occurring in the first place, but also to prepare your child slowly and gently for treatment (desensitization) if initial damage to the teeth has already occurred and to keep restorations intact in the long term.

In addition to staining, thorough tooth cleaning, polishing and fluoridation of the teeth, brushing techniques and eating habits are discussed and practiced. Our specially trained prophylaxis assistants patiently and lovingly introduce children to dental care, provide them with motivation for oral hygiene at home and give parents individual tips on dental care and nutrition at home.

Our prophylaxis program for children includes:

  • Determination of the individual caries risk
  • Nutritional advice to minimize the risk of tooth decay
  • Information about fluoride administration
  • Practical exercises in using the toothbrush
  • Presentation of modern dental care products
  • Gentle cleaning and polishing of the teeth
  • Mineralization of the tooth enamel with fluorides
  • Desensitization measures as preparation for treatment

Ideally, however, prophylaxis should begin before the birth. We have therefore developed a special prophylaxis program for pregnant women in interdisciplinary consultation with gynaecologists:

  • Checking oral and dental health in the lateral position
  • Advice on individual need for action
  • Gentle teeth cleaning with individual tips on oral hygiene 
  • Oral health pregnancy and postnatal hygiene kit

Our responsible dentist for this area is Mrs. Dr. med. dent. Asin A. Haschemi.